11 Pretty & Elegant updos for long hair

April 4, 2018

There are times in life when you don't want your long hair hanging around your shoulders. An elegant updo is the obvious solution. Below, you'll find a number of tutorials that will help you to achieve a beautiful, chic finished look that makes you feel fabulous.

Fishtail bun

Fishtail bun updo for long hair
This fantastic style utilises a fishtail braid to give volume to the overall finished bun. It's neat and stylish, while the fishtail braid adds a hint of texture to really enhance the look.

Twisted double buns

Twisted double buns easy hair updo
This playful look is a perfect way of sweeping back long hair, but provides a little more interest than the standard ponytail. The "rolled" appearance adds to the 1940s-vibe of the entire finished look, uniting together modern techniques with old-fashioned glamour.

Dutch "upside down" braid bun

Dutch upside down braid bun easy updo for long hair
On the surface, this bun looks fairly standard - it's high, neat, and fairly formulaic. However, a twist of interest is added with the Dutch braid down the back of the head, which adds an all-important element of interesting to a classic style.

Plait-wrapped bun

Plait wrapped bun Simple Updo
This bun is fairly standard in its construction, but a braid is added for an extra dimension that helps create a perfect finished look. The wrapped braid also helps to disguise the pieces uses to construct the bun itself, making this an excellent choice for people with thinner hair.

Multi-strand braid

Multi strand braid updos for long hair
Two main sections are used to create this beautiful and complex updo. The braiding itself is impressive, but made all the more flexible by loosening the braids, so the loops fall softly against the head.

Loose-plaited updo

Loose plaited easy updo for long hair
This deceptively simple look can be achieved with relative ease, though you'd never know it from the finished effect! The inverted sections braids come together to create a loose, soft bun that will hold firm all night long.

Classic bun with side braid

Classic bun with side braid easy hair updo
The classic chignon is given a modern upgrade with this style, which adds a simple braid to the side of the head. The hair is then wrapped into a simple, circular bun, with the braid incorporated as a beautiful embellishment to the overall look.

Multi-twist updo

Multi twist easy updo for long hair
The multiple twists used in this style help to create a stunning, intricate 3D finish that is fascinating from all angles. While complex, there's no doubt such a style is eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Rose bun

Rose bun updo for long hair
Multiple loose braids are used to create the incredible "rose" effect at the back of the head, creating a fairytale-esque look that will nevertheless hold its shape throughout an event. A beautiful, intricate style that is more easily achieved than the finished look suggests.

Relaxed tucked bun

Relaxed tucked bun easy updo
If braiding isn't really your thing, then this relaxed flipped bun is an excellent choice that still manages to provide a truly beautiful look. The hair is flipped and tucked into the base of the neck, and the loose strands help to maintain a stunningly soft finish.

Braided side bun

Braided side bun updo for long hair
Finally, a more relaxed take on the side bun, with a side-braid included to enhance the finished look. Particularly suited to curly hair, the updo is voluminous while maintaining a sense of chic style thanks to the inclusion of the braid.

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