12 Chic Short Bob Hairstyles

March 21, 2018

Bob haircut styles are among the most iconic in the world, and this timeless classic has received many updates, improvements, and variations over the years. Below are a range of bob styles that are suitable for all women, ensuring that everyone can partake in this chic, beautiful cut.

Ash blonde multi-layered asymmetric bob

Ash blonde multi-layered asymmetric Short bob haircut
This style of bob is effortlessly flattering and casual, but retains a sense of elegance thanks to the complexity of the cut. The gentle ash blonde helps to create dimension with the multiple layers, and the asymmetry adds a modern touch to the classic style.

Chinese red bob with wispy fringe

Chinese red bob haircut with wispy fringe
This vibrant shade combines with a soft, feminine bob that will particularly flatter oval faces. The so-called "Chinese" rounded effect provides one-length definition, while the long, wispy fringe helps to prevent the haircut from becoming too severe.

Side-parted grey and white bob

Side parted grey and white Short bob haircut
This bob is structured to provide an even length at the chin when side-parted, giving it a different twist to the more standard middle-part styles. A soft, side fringe combines textured layers and razored ends to produce an edgier look while maintaining elements of feminine softness. The finishing touch is the colour, which contrasts dark grey or black roots with an icy blonde shade that borders on being white.

Short box bob with blunt fringe

Short box bob with blunt fringe
This short box bob is not for the faint hearted, but looks spectacular when done well. The sharpness of the fringe contrasts with the slightly softer main strands, producing a look that frames the face and highlights the eyes particularly.

Asymmetric ice blonde textured bob

Asymmetric ice blonde textured short bob haircut
The headline of this look is the asymmetry, with one side of the hair almost pixie-length and the other falling to just above the chin. Long layers and feathering give a sleek appearance, while the soft strands of the fridge provide extra depth to the side sweep.

Textured side-part bob with balayage

Textured side-part Short bob with balayage
This style utilises both ice and golden blonde balayage to create enhance the overall texture of the haircut. The side-parting hints at asymmetry while the razored edges help to finish a look that manages to be both sleek and textured at the same time.

Ice blonde rounded box cut

Ice blonde rounded box cut
The ice blonde colour is almost light enough to be considered white, making this choice particularly stunning for those with blue or green eyes. The style blends together a traditional box bob with a more rounded, Chinese-style finish that helps to frame the face perfectly.

Black rounded bob with inward curl

Black rounded bob with inward curl
This bob contrasts the depth of the black colour with a rounded, Chinese-style bob that frames the wearer's face and softens their features. The fringe is roundly slightly to provide definition to the eyes, while the ends are curled inward to complete the look.

Side-parted bob with back swept layers and soft balayage

Side-parted bob with back swept layers and soft balayage
The true beauty of this bob is found in the layers, which sweep backwards to create an effortlessly chic look. Blonde and copper balayage is added to provide extra texture and a sense of motion. The style is slightly inverted — shorter at the back and longer at the front — allowing for a stylish finished effect.

Black side part bob with layers

Black side part bob with layers
This simple, chic haircut helps to frame the face without any of the severity often associated with blunt or box-cut bobs. Hair falls naturally to either side of the head, and the heavy layers close to the scalp produce wispy, almost fairytale-style ends that flatter the neckline and collarbone.

Tousled bob with outward ends and side fringe

Tousled bob with outward ends and side fringe
This bob has a hint of retro, but the softened ends help to ensure the look is timeless. The side-parted fringe softens the face, while the outward flicking ends create a sense of fun thanks to the insertion of light layers for a tousled finish.

Ice blonde bob with choppy layers

Ice blonde Short bob with choppy layers
The dark roots of this style clash fantastically with the platinum ice blonde of the main hair. The slightly rounded style complements the long layers and choppy blunt finish to the ends. The end result has a feel of soft movement while still retaining a modern finish that should complement most face shapes.
As the above shows, bobs can be altered and tweaked to create stunning haircuts that are suitable for all women.

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