12 Most Elegant & Easy Makeup Looks

April 9, 2018

Do you struggle to come up with the perfect elegant makeup look for those upmarket events with your girlfriends? Are you always the last at the social gathering because you spend hours trying to work out how best to apply your blush and eyeliner? Then this article is for you. Check out some of the makeup examples below and use them for inspiration!

Subtle, smokey, and winged

Subtle, smokey and winged simple makeup look
If you want to look modest while still turning heads at the bar, the smokey, subtle, and winged makeup style is perfect. All you need is brown eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, and a smidgen of imagination. Ideal for late nights with the girls.

Purple shimmer

Purple shimmer evening makeup look
When "average" just won't do, and you want to ooze elegance, the purple shimmer look is guaranteed to get the guys weak at the knees. Use purple highlight and pink lip gloss and colour-match your nails! For those upmarket events and social gatherings.

Sultry eyes and pink lips

Sultry eyes and pink lips easy makeup look
Trying to become a trendsetter? Then you needn't look further than this glamorous yet profoundly glamorous composition sure to get you as much attention as you need. Simple and reliable, all you need is a kohl eyeliner, pink lipstick, and a silver eye shimmer. For the trendsetter at red carpet events.

Sublime daytime bronze glow

Sublime daytime bronze glow natural makeup look
Top up that tan and sweep your hair back to create this sublime daytime bronzed glow look. Head out and get yourself a bronzer, face highlighter, and clear lip gloss. You can even add to the effects with some vivacious mascara. It's ideal for light lunches or coffee mornings with friends.

Smokey eyes with bold lips

Smokey eyes with bold lips Makeup look
If you have a naughty side and you're not afraid to show it, smokey eyes and bold lips are sure to let people know you've arrived. Best of all? This look only takes a few minutes to complete. All you need is grey and purple eyeshadow with lipstick to match. Add some shimmer, and you're away!

Red lip mystery

Red lip mystery cool makeup look
People say that a woman's lips are the first thing that people notice when she walks into a room. If you're on the lookout for some attention, this red lip mystery look is never going to disappoint. Get a deep red lipstick and lashings of dark mascara to shift focus towards your luscious lips. Maybe try this one the next time you get a wedding reception invitation!

Nude lips and false lashes

Nude lips and false lashes summer makeup look
Running late but still want to look great? Nobody spends more than ten minutes creating this look with nude lips and false lashes. Excellent for summer days off work when you want to get out to the shops.

Fabulously fresh pink lips with contour

Fabulously fresh pink lips with contour summer makeup look
If you have a lot of summer events to attend this year with friends or colleagues, why not freshen up your style with a little contouring and some fabulous pink lips? Just get a soft bronzer and a light pink lipstick that will stand out against your blusher.

Pale foundation with dark eyeshadow

Pale foundation with dark eyeshadow simple makeup look
If you're going to show a lot of shoulder, it's a good idea to make sure you don't go overboard when it comes to foundation. Keep your skin pale and use dark eyeshadow in blues and purples to achieve this stunning look.

Wet and wild

Wet and wild easy makeup look
Spending time by the pool this summer? Then you'll want to ensure your makeup doesn't run and ruin your style. The wet and wild look with waterproof mascara and a simple bronzer is all you need.

Striking brows and soft lips

Striking brows and soft lips easy makeup look
For women who aren't blessed with the perfect brows, this look is going to solve all your problems. Get a first-class brown eyebrow pencil, grab your mirror, and mess around until you find something that works. Keep your lips nice and soft to avoid diverting attention away from your eyes.

Bronze tones and dusty eyes

Bronze tones and dusty eyes Makeup Look
Ladies who expect to spend time on the red carpet under all those lights need to make sure they create lots of exciting tones within their bronzing. Dusty eyes complete the celebrity look so expect people to confuse you with Cameron Diaz when you step outside.
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