All you need & should know about Eyelash Extensions
March 22, 2018

What are they? How much? & Are they worth it?

Eyelash Extensions Before & After
Ever look at a woman and see that she has beautiful eyelashes and wonder how she got them? So, on a whim you ask "what mascara do you use?" Only to find out her reply is "none, I woke up like this." But of course you chuckle and say "no for real" - which initiates her reply "they're eyelash extensions!" Eyelash extensions? What? That's a real thing? Of course it is, it's the newest trend and trick to get fuller full time lashes. If you're like me, I rarely leave the house without mascara. I'm not one of those women who have naturally full lashes, and that's okay. But if you're wondering how you can become one of those lucky ladies by skipping the your daily mascara routine here are a few things you need and should know about eyelash extensions:
Things you'll know by the end of this article:
  • What are eyelash extensions
  • Different types of eyelashes / styles
  • Overall costs
  • Risk & Rewards

    1. What are Eyelash Extensions:

    Eyelash extensions are just like hair extensions except these are made for your eyelashes. Little pieces of hair are attached to your natural lash line to give your current eyelashes a little boost. You can choose the type of hair you'd like and also the style, just like you would choose the color and length of your hair extensions, it's basically the same thing. You choose hair type, length, curl type and the overall dramatic effect you want to achieve. Most salons will have a diagram for you to choose from and a technician to help you decide. The process is fairly relaxing, you sit in a chair with your eyes closed as a technician applies one eyelash extension at a time until the look is complete. The process can take up to 2 hours for a (first time) full set but you'll need to go back for refills after a few weeks if you'd like to maintain your new look.
    Eyelash Extensions Guide

    2. Type of Eyelashes / Styles:

    First, there are many different hair types that can be used for your eyelash extensions; silk, mink, fox fur, human hair, plastic synthetic, or poly-fiber blend synthetic. Each one will be priced differently according to your choice, the most expensive being mink. Once you choose which type of hair, you can choose curl type, lash thickness, and finally lash length. Then you would choose your style, the four common lash styles are natural, open eye, cat eye and doll eye. If this is your first time getting eyelash extensions, be sure to ask your technician what she or he would recommend for a first timer, usually something more natural helps you get used to your new lashes.
    Eyelash Extensions Type

    3. Overall Cost:

    Overall costs will vary. Depending on the hair type, location and experience, eyelash extensions (for a full set) will run on average between £70 and £120 for both eyes. Usually, cheaper rates means the salon uses cheaper lash hair so be sure to get all the details before saying 'yes' - cheaper hair/lashes look less authentic. After 2-3 weeks you'll need a touch up and that will run you about £40-£90, again depending on the hair type and if you want to change up the style you had recently gotten before. Most people choose 'Real Mink Eyelash Extensions' as these look the most authentic but of course cost the most, followed by silk extensions and then any type of synthetic lashes.
    Eyelash Extensions Hair type

    4. Risks & Rewards:

    With everything in life comes risks and rewards, the obvious reward here is that you'll have beautiful fuller looking eyelashes without the need to apply daily mascara, or daily false lashes (you know the strips you glue to your lash line) - Most women get eyelash extensions to enhance their 'I woke up like this look' - or the 'makeup free but still beautiful look', and with eyelash extension this can be achieved.
    The risks are minimal but worth mentioning; the funds you will be putting out for your new love of lashes will add up (because let's be honest every beauty habit we tend to take on becomes expensive after a few months of pampering), and then there is the possibility of not liking the way they feel and feeling like you just wasted £120. The more serious risks though include the chance of an infection to the cornea or an infection to the eyelid, loss or damages to real lashes and swollen eyelids. It's also important to mention that while you can still wear eye makeup you will need to be extra careful in removing your makeup as oil-free products (oil-free removers contain products that break down the lash adhesive) and water may increase the risk of accidentally removing a few lashes. You can still shower and swim with lash extensions but again be careful not to rub your eyes to hard when drying your face.
    Sure there are horror stories that make eyelash extensions seem scary, but the truth is if you follow the instructions and take care of your extensions your chances of these problems happening are reduced. No two eyes are the same, just because someone you know had a bad experience doesn't mean you will too.

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