How to Thread Eyebrows
April 23, 2018

Eyebrow threading
Eyebrow threading might seem a little out-there at first, but when it comes to shaping your brows and removing excess hairs, nothing works better. It's much cheaper and less painful than waxing. It's also much more efficient than tweezing. Here, we're going to look at how to thread your brows step-by-step.

Is threading safe?

Though it might seem relatively "low tech" in comparison to waxing or tweezing, threading is actually safer than both. Threading tugs the hair out from the root without pulling on the skin too much. It can be painful, but it's less likely to leave your skin feeling irritated and inflamed for the whole day after.

Tools of the trade

  • Cotton sewing thread
  • A pair of eyebrow scissors
  • Eyebrow brush and pencil
  • Aloe Vera gel

    Find a mirror

    Samms Makeup Light Kit
    You need to ensure that you have the right lighting and visibility to see as clearly and in as much detail as possible. For this reason, it's best to use a mirror with light bulbs attached or a makeup light kit that fully frames and lights every angle. Give it a wipe before you begin to make sure no smudges or marks get in the way, too.

    Draw an outline

    When you have done that, take your pencil. Start from the inside of your eyebrows and outline the shape you want in outward motions. This is a crucial step for ensuring you don't thread too much or asymmetrically.

    Prepare your brows

    Take your brush and start sweeping your eyebrows upwards gently. Holding the hair in place with the brush, take your scissors in your other hand. Give your eyebrow a trim so that the threading process is safer and more comfortable. Then, use the brush to comb your brows back down and to shake out any of the loose hairs that might be trapped in amongst them.
    Once you're done, make sure you brush your hairs back into their natural place. You want them to look clean and neat while also making them easier to thread.

    Prepare your thread

    Cut a piece of the sewing thread from 11-to-14 inches long. How much, exactly, you cut depends on how big your hands and fingers are. Then follow the steps below:
    Tie the ends of the thread in a knot to make a loop.
    How to thread eyebrows loop
    Insert two fingers and a thumb from both hands in opposite sides of the loop. Ensure the knot is on one of those ends, not somewhere in the middle.
    How to thread eyebrows Fingers and thumb
    Twist your fingers and thumb to make an 'x' shape in the middle of the thread. Twist it four more times to get that middle tie really tight.
    How to thread eyebrows technique
    If you don't have enough room to comfortably make and hold this shape, you need a bigger piece of thread.

    Practise the movement

    To thread your eyebrows, you are going to be pulling the 'x' of the thread across your eyebrows, against the direction the hair grows out in. Practice opening and closing your fingers and thumb on either side of the loop to help the 'x' move from side to side. The other hand will be used to move the twist. Get used to the movement before you try it on your brows. If you have trouble getting the hang of it, you might need a slightly shorter piece of thread.
    How to thread eyebrows open and close

    Position your thread

    Start from the outside of your brows, holding the 'x' in the middle of the string right at the top of the hairs you want to remove.

    Get threading

    This is the important bit. Open the hand that is moving the 'x' in the middle while closing the other. The 'x' should slide across your skin firmly, but not quickly. As the 'x' twists further up the string, it grabs your hair and tugs it out. It will be painful but don't hesitate or it can mess up the tug and you will simply have to do it again. Make sure you are moving the twist against the direction your eyebrow hair grows in and keep it slow. If you go too fast, you will tug on the skin as well, leaving it irritated for a long time after. Reposition the twist, removing the hairs outside the outline you've drawn.
    How to thread eyebrows


    Your brows are going to be feeling a little raw after you're done. Make sure you apply aloe vera or an ice pack soon after you're finished. It will provide some immediate relief as well as preventing any possible infections.
    That's it. A step-by-step guide to help you thread your brows safely, quickly, and sensibly. Don't skip a single step, or you are all too likely to get something wrong along the way.
    This is merely a guide, whenever you choose to carry out procedures on yourself you are accepting any risks and holding responsibility for any issues that may arise. If you are not confident in trying this method yourself, or are worried about making mistakes, then seek professional assistance.

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