Ombre Hairstyles
April 11, 2018

Adding depth, beauty, and intrigue, ombre is a popular hair colouring technique very much in fashion at the moment. French for "shade", it displays the slow blend from one colour to another. Whether you go for a soft, natural-looking blend or something bold and bright, here are a few examples of the variety of directions you can take this look.

The platinum pink bob

The platinum pink ombre bob hair
Add a whole new dimension to a timeless classic. The symmetrical, bevelled bob is suited to just about every woman, with a bright note of unique expression adding thanks to the lush pink tips.

The brassy balayage

The brassy balayage brown to blonde ombre
From brown to blonde is one of the more natural and softer ombre options available. Using the balayage technique of hand-painting allows your hair to stay subtle and avoid looking overdone even as it grows out.

The effortlessly blonde look

The effortlessly blonde look blonde ombre hair
If long and blonde is your preference, this layered look combined with ombre blonde highlighting keeps things looking casual and natural.

The black 'n' bold Lob

The black 'n' bold Lob ombre bob hair
The Lob (or long bob) adds a new twist to a classic style, perfect for those long, sleek hair. The straightened look makes it easier to add a consistent level of colouring, with this example using a bold flash of pink contrasting with pitch black to add a dramatic flair to a chic mainstay.

The brassy layered waves

The brassy layered waves ombre brown to blonde
For those with long, voluminous hair, this ombre style showing a much more gradual change from darker to lighter tones adds real dimension to a wavy hairstyle. The slow change creates a shiny, brassy look that's at once classy and natural looking to the eye.

The mid-length layers with dark roots

shoulder length ombre hair
If you want to keep your hair at mid-length, then this thoroughly graduated cut lets you stay in control of thick, wavy hair, keeping it low-maintenance with a striking side-part framing the face with rings of bright blonde.

The bevelled and bold

The bevelled and bold White ombre hair
Glossy, chic, and perfectionist, the bevelled look gives straightened hair a softer, more natural look while retaining the neatness and simplicity. This example uses an ice blonde ombre to create striking contrast from top to bottom.

Tumbling ombre curls

Tumbling ombre curls ombre long hair
Healthy use of extensions can help you achieve the ombre look even more effortlessly, as this style shows. Long, graduated curls create a flow of dark and light layers creating a graceful, sweeping look with a gradual, natural fade from brown to platinum blonde tips.

The long-flowing layers of gold

The long flowing layers of gold dark ombre
Another instance of a side-part and a touch of layering adding even more depth to blonde ombre techniques. This asymmetrical look adds draws even more attention to the dramatic difference from root to tip.

Bright and beautiful red waves

Bright and beautiful red waves Red Ombre
If you're taking it longer than mid-length and you don't mind drawing attention, these gorgeously bright red wavy layers add a distinct eye-catching pop that natural red can't compete with.
Depending on style, length, and colour, there are any number of directions you can take the ombre look. Have the examples above inspired your own ombre ideas?

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