The latest in beauty trends - No Makeup is the New Makeup
April 3, 2018

No Makeup
It seems as though there's a growing trend in the beauty industry, and it's not one you'd necessarily think would take off. A quick scroll through Instagram will show you countless no makeup selfies being posted by some of the biggest beauty bloggers around.
With so many makeup trends being shared by high end makeup brands, and the rise in techniques such as 'contouring' and 'ombre lip', it's quite refreshing to see these bare faced selfies of women embracing their natural beauty.
No Makeup Selfie
Make no mistake, makeup isn't dead! It's just that more women are starting to feel confident going out with no makeup. The question is, why? What started this trend, and why are so many women jumping on board with it? The more research you do on this trend, the easier it is to see why it's so popular.

Celebs Leading The Way

As with most things in the beauty industry, celebrities are at the forefront of the trends. This no-makeup trend can be traced back to around about 2016 when we first started to see big name celebs going to events and posing for photos with no makeup. The biggest name of all - Kim Kardashian - even attended Paris Fashion Week without wearing makeup.
After all, if Kim K is doing it, then it must be trendy! In times gone by you rarely saw celebs without makeup, which fed into the culture of women always wearing it. Now, more celebrities and people with influence aren't wearing it as much, so people feel less pressure to wear makeup all the time.

Female Empowerment

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll probably have noticed a fair few social movements inspired by empowering women. It certainly feels like the last year or two have been big for women in that we're starting to stand up for ourselves and feel more empowered.
Female Empowerment
As a result, there's less of this desire to wear makeup and more of a drive to be proud of our natural beauty. You won't wear it when you go out for coffee with friends because you don't feel like it and don't care what other people think. We're starting to accept movements such as body positivity, self love and self confidence, and feeling comfortable in our own skin.
It's really this combination of celebrities leading the way and the rise in female empowerment that's making this trend popular at the moment. In fact, you can say that the reason a lot of these top female stars aren't wearing makeup is that they feel empowered and want to do whatever they want! Of course, celebrities and famous beauty bloggers will gain media attention, which then means regular people see these looks and feel like joining in with the trend.
Now, it feels like a lot of women are at a point where they will still wear a lot of makeup, but only when they feel like making an effort or want to create a certain look. I love this trend as it inspires self-confidence in a lot of women and helps you embrace the fact that you look gorgeous with or without makeup.
After all, there is nothing more beautiful than confidence, and whether this means wearing makeup or going bare faced then you should wholeheartedly embrace it!

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