Wedding Makeup Ideas
April 13, 2018

When women get married, it's essential that their makeup is on point. After all, there will be countless close up photos of your face, so you want to ensure you’re looking your best. There are loads of different wedding day makeup ideas for a bride-to-be. Each one represents a different type of style that can complement your dress and work with your surroundings. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the best wedding makeup ideas you may want to think about. Have a browse and see if one grabs your attention!

The Bronze Beauty

The Bronze Beauty natural wedding makeup
This makeup style is very simple and perfectly suited for a summer wedding in the sun. The core elements of it are a lovely natural tan, complemented by bronze eyeshadow and natural lips. Effortless beauty, best suited for women with brown or balayage hair.

Vibrant Eyeshadow

Vibrant Eyeshadow bridal makeup
Make a statement at your wedding by combining natural foundation with bright and vibrant eyeshadow. Purple/lilac works wonders with long eyelashes, blonde hair, and glossy lips.

Subtle Eyeliner With Dark Red Lipstick

Subtle Eyeliner With Dark Red Lipstick wedding eye makeup
This makeup idea juxtaposes dark eyeshadow and eyebrows with a subtle hint of colour in the eyeliner. It really brings out your eyes, and the look is tied together with dark red lipstick and a natural face.

Light Pink Lippy

Light Pink Lippy Bridal Makeup
Donning some light pink lipstick is a brave wedding makeup style, but it works beautifully. Especially when combined with subtle highlighting and contour on the cheeks, and simple metallic eyeshadow.

Pink & Red Colour Combo

Pink & Red Colour Combo Wedding Makeup
With striking bright red lipstick and pale pink eyeshadow, this look is fantastic for any gorgeous bride. A slight hint of pink in the cheeks also brings your face together, and the two colours work ever so well.

Gradient Eyeshadow

Gradient Eyeshadow Wedding Makeup
Jazz up your wedding day look with some awesome gradient-style eyeshadow. Start with black at the corners, then gradually get lighter and lighter until you have a pale gold close to your nose. Accentuate your cheekbones and truly bring out your eyeshadow with matching highlighter and contour.

Glowing Cheeks & Outdoor Eyes

Glowing Cheeks & Outdoor Eyes Wedding Makeup
For outdoor brides, this is the perfect makeup idea. Use highlighter on your cheeks to make them glow when the natural lighting hits your face. Combine with nice shadowy eye makeup to finish off a look tailor-made for the outdoors.

Dark Red/Bold Lipstick

Dark Red Bold Lipstick Bridal Makeup
Make your lips take centre stage with this makeup idea. Use dark red lipstick to create big and beautiful lips. Match your highlighter with your eyeshadow, and keep the rest of your face quite simple. Works very well with long, dark, hair.

Soft Face & Matte Lips

Soft Face & Matte Lips Wedding Makeup
Use natural foundation and highlighter to add a softness to your face that almost creates a natural glow. The standout feature of this look is your matte lips - they're instantly unforgettable.

Golden Eyes

Golden Eyes natural wedding makeup
This makeup idea is perfect for any blonde bombshells on their wedding day. The main feature is a gorgeous golden eyeshadow that works so well with your hair. The rest of the look is very natural, which creates a princess-like vibe.

Glamour Queen

Glamour Queen bridal hair and makeup
If you've got a very glamorous or complex dress, then this is a great look to complement it. You use bold colours in both your lipstick and eye makeup, along with a face that glows and contours in all the right places. It's the type of look you expect to see supermodels in on the red carpet.

Monochrome Pink

Monochrome Pink bridal hair and makeup
By using different shades of pink, you can create a monochrome wedding look that will kill it up at the altar. The subtleness of pink lipstick combines with eyeshadow and highlighter makes for a very natural and beautiful style.

Extravagant Eyes

Extravagant Eyes wedding eye makeup
Bring out the beauty of your eyes with this makeup idea. Use very sharp and dark eyeliner, contrasted with lighter eyeshadow and some additional little jewels to make your eyes shine. Perfect if your eyes are your best feature.

Natural Glow

Natural Glow natural wedding makeup
Finally, we have a glorious wedding look that will make you feel like a million pounds. The idea here is that you use a highlighter on your cheeks, jawline, chin, and nose, to create a natural glow. This is made even better with glossy lipstick, and a cheeky bit of highlighter on your shoulders and chest too. There's only one word to describe how you look; angelic.
Hopefully, you've found a wedding makeup style that's grabbed your attention. Feel free to take inspiration from any of these ideas and transform yourself into the most beautiful person in the room on your wedding day!

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