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    Samms 10 Led Vanity light Kit produces a soft white glow which illuminates your entire face and is not dazzling, so it wont strain your eyes, this will allow you to apply makeup for longer periods. The kit is supplied with sticky double sided tape, the bulbs can be easily stuck onto the mirror in a matter of few minutes and then just simply plug in and power on, with no electrical installation required.


    • Soft White brightness – 10 Led vanity light bulbs gives you a clear look while you doing your makeup.
    • Fully adjustable Kit Provided – The total wire length is 12.5ft and can be adjusted to fit different mirror sizes whilst looking neat without having excess wires visible by wrapping the wire around the base of the bulb.
    • Easy Installation – Securely attach onto the mirror with the supplied sticky tape and in a few minutes just plug in and switch on.
    • Perfect for mirrors – This vanity light kit can be used on table top mirrors and wall mounted mirrors. This kit is also versatile as it can be put on almost any shape mirror and still look very glamorous and professional.
    • Adjust Brightness – A touch dimmer with memory function is also supplied, turn lights on or off and adjust the brightness to your desired level.


    Package includes:

    10 Led Light Bulbs Kit
    1 x Smart touch dimmer
    1 x British Power Plug
    1 x Instruction manual

    Hollywood style mirrors are classic and timeless. Their bold presence is a great addition to any home as the exquisite lighting and attractive design are both functional and decorative. Additionally, true to their intended purpose, Hollywood mirrors make it possible for you perfect your makeup application and hair styling techniques. If you are seeking an affordable, dependable Hollywood style mirror, then you should look no further than the Samms Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit. This Light kit is multifunctional, has great lighting, and can accompany any mirror.


    Made for any Mirror Size or Style


    The Samms Hollywood Style Mirror Lights Kit comes with 10 bulbs and an adjustable installation kit. Because it is adjustable, this light up mirror kit is a great addition to any size mirror. It measures 12.5 feet in length, which means it can easily be interchanged between small and large mirrors.


    Many Hollywood mirrors on the market are either square or rectangular in shape. While this is the traditional look of a Hollywood mirror, you may be interested in other options that fit your personal preference and home space. When you purchase the Samms Hollywood Style Mirror Lights Kit, your styling options are almost endless. The light up kit can be fastened around square, round, and irregular shaped mirrors. It could even be used to border the top of a wide, straight mirror. Because this mirror kit is so versatile, you can be confident in your purchase even if you have not finalized your decision on mirror shape or style.


    Purposed for a Dressing Table or Decor


    One of the biggest advantages of purchasing the Samms Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit is that you can decide its purpose. Because it is not already attached to a mirror, you can choose how you want it to look and where you would like to put it.


    A majority of individuals who purchase this light up makeup mirror kit do so with the intent of using it on their dressing table. Dressing tables are widely used in the application of makeup and styling of hair and are most often placed in bedrooms or dressing rooms. The addition of a Hollywood style mirror to a dressing table makes it more visually attractive and increases the functionality. In regards to the light up vanity mirror kit, the exquisite LED lighting that is included is ideal for makeup application and perfecting technique.


    If you are not interested in mirror lighting for your dressing table this doesn’t mean you should overlook the Samms Light up kit. It can also be used as a great addition to mirrors and other accessories throughout your home that you want to make more glamorous. Because it is not attached to a mirror, the possibilities for this kit aren’t limited at all. You can add the lighting kit to virtually anything to create a fun, flashy piece of decor.


    The Best Lighting


    One of the most important things that should be considered when purchasing a mirror with lights is the type of lighting that is included. Lighting is especially important if the purpose of the mirror is for makeup application.


    The Samms Vanity Mirror Lights Kit comes with 10 LED bulbs. LED lights are the best alternative to a natural light source because they create warm, soft light. Furthermore, for makeup application fluorescent bulbs should never be used because the light they provide can be harsh and the colours won’t be as true as an LED bulb.


    Additionally, the Samms Lighted Vanity Mirror Kit comes with a light dimmer that allows you to increase and decrease the lighting when necessary. This added amenity makes the kit a perfect addition to a vanity in any room, no matter the amount of natural lighting. The ability to adjust the lighting makes it easy to apply makeup at any time of day or night without worry.


    Easy Installation


    Installing a lighted vanity mirror kit is as easy as 1-2-3. The Samms Hollywood Style Lighted Vanity Mirror kit comes with easy installation instructions, bulbs, and securing tape that helps the lighting and wiring stick to any mirror surface. However, before installing the kit, do consider the placement. A mirror with the attached lighting kit can sit comfortably on a dressing table or can hang on a wall, but if your preference is to hang it on the wall then it is best to secure it to studs or use an anchor kit to ensure that your mirror will not fall.


    The Samms Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit is a quality product with positive reviews and high customer satisfaction rate. We hope that you enjoy your purchase!

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    1. Aiza

      I absolutely love this light kit, it looks amazing on my mirror. I’m thinking of putting another Hollywood light kit on a mirror in our guest room.

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